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Fidyah is the religious giving consisting of either food or money when a person is unable to fulfill his religious obligation i.e. fasting due to old age or is ill and will not be able to make up for it. Fidyah must be paid for each fast missed.

We offer fidyah package services for anyone who wants to make fidyah payments. We provide
different packages which consists of basic food items. The package will be given and delivered to fidyah recipients on your behalf. We also work with various Malay-Muslim Organisations and Masjids in order to have a larger outreach to those who are in need of aid.


Using our in-built fidyah calculator, you can simply key in the information required to find out the
fidyah amount you will need to pay.


Fidyah Package

Each Fidyah package consists of the following items: Rice, oil, spices, tinned food, drinks etc. If you would like

to customize the items in the package, please contact us at to inquire within. 

*The hamper photos are for illustration purposes. 


Package A $50

Small Food Hamper

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Package B $70

Medium Food Hamper

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Package C $90

Large Food Hamper

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Ihsan Package

If you would like to gift food items to anyone you know who are in need, we provide Ihsan packages which will be delivered to the recipients.

Alternatively, you can also purchase these Ihsan packages which will be sent to our list of beneficiaries coming from various organisations.

Your contribution is much appreciated as it will greatly assist those in need.