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Sumbangkan Fidyah/Ihsan Pakej: Pengorbanan Anda Rezeki Mereka
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Celebrating Sacrifice during Eidul Adha

With Eidul Adha approaching, how can we best celebrate such a joyous occasion during these challenging times?

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Step-by-Step Tutorial to purchase at

Click to view step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase on

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What is Fidyah?

Fidyah refers to payment made by persons who missed their obligatory fast in the month of Ramadhan intentionally or unintentionally due to menstruation, illness, pregnancy, and feeding. 

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GraciousMart: Where your Halal shopping starts!

Checkout our video about!

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Food that are Toyyib

There are numerous healthy food around that brings about great health benefits. If you are wondering what are some of those, you should read this article!

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Recipe: Biryani

Looking for a quick recipe to cook for the day? Read this short recipe!

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Halal and Toyyib

Allah SWT has made it compulsory for every Muslims to consume food that is halal (lawful) and of good quality with sufficient minerals and vitamins as needed.

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