We are 100% Muslim Owned (Halalan Toyyiban)
Sumbangkan Fidyah/Ihsan Pakej: Pengorbanan Anda Rezeki Mereka
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Our methodology is simple – As a social enterprise, we give back to the community that we do business with.

Our e-grocery business provides us with the financial sustainability to keep the company running and through the profits earned, 100% of Pergas holding’s profits earned will be channeled back into Pergas to support their community projects.

Watch this space as we share with you our impact measurements and events from the different projects that we will be undertaking.

Ramadan 2021 Distribution

Within a month, more than 300 packages have been distributed to those in need but what is the impact of this?

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Using your Fidyah payments

View this article to read how our fidyah and ihsan packages have contributed to the community.

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Official Launch of

Official Launch of with Guest-of-Honour Ministry of State, Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim.

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