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We are 100% Muslim Owned (Halalan Toyyiban)
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About Us
About Us

About Us

Our Story

Graciousmart is an online supermarket that aims to imbue the spirit of graciousness from the way we run our Halal supermarket to being part of gracious living. We are dedicated to ensuring our prices remain competitive and our customer service is to your satisfaction. 

Additionally, we are also a social enterprise, aiming to help the less fortunate by providing access to quality food.  We promise to provide products that are nutritious, affordable, and most importantly, halalan toyyiban to all our customers. 

We also offer various halal fidyah packages to facilitate customers to pay their fidyah obligation online. You can calculate your fidyah calculation here

By the community, for the

Who We Are

graciousmart.sg is run and managed by Pergas Investment Holdings, the business subsidiary of Pergas. Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association or Pergas is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that dedicates itself in upholding the legacy of the Religious Scholars by having credible leadership of its religious scholars of 'ulama'. Pergas Holdings being the investment arm of Pergas, develops and runs several social enterprise businesses.

Pergas Investment Holdings partner with a local company that has a decade of experience in this industry supplying to various restaurants and F&Bs outlets. With similar mission and vision to do business with a heart, Pergas Holdings collaborates closely with companies with hopes that it becomes as asbab (reason) for greater good through this social enterprise.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Prices
Variety of Products
Social Enterprise
Halalan Toyyiban